Build skills for happier, more independent lives

Adults with special needs deserve to live happy, independent lives. At Kiri Lifelong Learning, we give you the resources and support you need to help adults with special needs lead their best lives. 

Printables and eBooks

Our resources are designed to quick and easy for you to use. We make complex tasks more accessible for both your staff and the people you serve. 


Coming Soon

We are working on developing courses to help train staff members on best practices. If you have a course you’d be interested in, please let us know. 

Course 1

This course is in development.

Course 3

This course is in development. 

Course 2

This course is in development.

Course 4

This course is in development.

Free Courses

We may offer some free course content to get you started in creating better lives for adults with special needs. What content would you want to see? 

Premium Courses

Our premium courses go in-depth with best practices for working with adults with special needs. Our planned courses cover a variety of different topics. What topics would make a difference for the people you serve? 

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